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Junior Chamber Lodge is a Lodge of Freemasons meeting at the Knowle Masonic Centre , 1621 Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull. in the Masonic Province of Warwickshire. We meet five times a year on the third Saturday of each September, November, February, May, and June.

Masonic guests are always welcome at all of our meetings, please contact 


if you would like to come along.

To learn more about the origins of our name, our Lodge history and our charitable fund raising, please use the links above.

Savid Ward Worshipful Master 2017/18


The Worshipful Master of the Junior Chamber Lodge

W.Bro. David Ward

Whatever has brought you to our website, you are most welcome.

Many past members of the Junior Chamber organisation, from which we take our name, have found a later home in Freemasonry, but it is certainly not necessary to have been a J.C. member to join the Junior Chamber Lodge. We extend a warm welcome to any man who shares our principles and beliefs. I am one who has never been a member of Junior Chamber but have never the less enjoyed the fellowship of all members of the Lodge since becoming a Freemason nearly seventeen years ago.

So please have a look around our website. If these ideas interest you, whether or not you have a connection to JCI, please contact us.



David Ward
Worshipful Master 2017/18


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