About Us

Many Freemasons Lodges have been operating continuously for more than 250 years. Junior Chamber Lodge, No 8902 is relatively new having been in existence for just 40 years. Three of the twenty one Masons who founded the Lodge are still members.

As is the case with many Lodges in this country, Junior Chamber Lodge is one of those set up by Freemasons with a particular interest or background. There are many “old school” Lodges, University Lodges, and Lodges founded by Masons from particular professions such as lawyers or undertakers, and Masons with sporting interests such as golf, rugby, or fishing. There are even Lodges founded by motoring enthusiasts. In our own case all of our founders were members, or past members, of what was then called British Junior Chamber. Today it is known as Junior Chamber International (JCI) which is an international leadership training organisation whose membership, like Freemasonry, is spread over the four quarters of the globe. It is now known in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as JCI UK. Scotland and Ireland, like other countries across the world, have their own national organisations. 

Even today the majority of our current members are still past members of Junior Chamber, and the Lodge maintains an association with the organisation through its membership of the JCI UK Foundation and sponsorship of awards. Several of our members are also JC I Senators - life members of JCI and members of the British JCI Senate.  Nevertheless any man is welcome to join our Lodge regardless of whether or not he has ever been a JCI member.

Our current Worshipful Master, W.Bro Shaun McGarry,  Shaun joined the Lodge in 2002, He is a Past National President JCI UK


 Shaun McGarry WM 19.1.22