There are various versions of the story of how the Junior Chamber Lodge No 8902 came to be formed but it is generally accepted that a group of Junior Chamber members attending the 1978 JCI World Congress in Manila was sitting by a pool, after a more than adequate lunch, discussing how they might best maintain the wonderful bonds of Junior Chamber fellowship when their days in Junior Chamber came to an end on attaining the age of 41. They soon discovered that several of them were also Freemasons, and the two organisations having so much in common, the idea a Junior Chamber Lodge was born. Over the next few months several meetings were held at the offices of the Junior Chamber organisation which were then in Rugby, Warwickshire. On hearing of the new venture a number of Junior Chamber members who were also Freemasons came forward to offer their support and the project rapidly gained momentum.

The new Lodge was duly warranted by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and consecrated on 15th September 1979 in a Grand ceremony held in the main temple of the Edgbaston Assembly Rooms and presided over by the then Deputy Provincial Grand Master the late Right Worshipful Brother Thomas Arthur Wood, who became the Provincial Master following the death of his predecessor Sir Stanley Harley in October 1979.

The first regular meeting of the Lodge was held in November of that year at the Masonic Hall in Rugby which was to be our home. A couple of years later however it was decided to move the Lodge meetings to the Edgbaston Assembly Rooms which then became our home for the next ten years. In 1993 the Lodge moved again, this time to the Knowle Masonic Centre where we still meet.  

The Lodge has been very successful with members travelling the length and breadth of the country to attend meetings in Birmingham. Over the first ten years of its life 20 new members were initiated.  Some ten years later a second Junior Chamber based Lodge was established. luventutis Lodge, was founded in the north of England by past and current members of the Junior Chamber organisation today known as JCI UK.